Many people who have been in Nepal and experienced the great hospitality, would like to do something to help the Nepalese people. You can help by becoming a donor of ICFON, but why ICFON?

ICFON Foundation supports projects initiated by Nepalis themselves and these projects are executed by themselves. It is our opinion that the Nepalese people themselves know what is best for them. The projects are aimed at increasing the self-reliance of the Nepalese people. When the project ends, and so the financial support, they can continue independently to improve their welfare. We make every effort to avoid making people depend on help and work from a business relationship with our partners.

We are very proud of the fact that ICFON spents almost every penny donated on the projects. Because we only work with volunteers, our overheads consist mainly of printing the Samachar, our quarterly magazine about our projects (only in Dutch). The visits and monitoring of projects is done entirely at private expense by our board members and other volunteers.

How can you help?

ICFON consists entirely of volunteers and is 100% dependent on donors. Your contribution is indispensable in the pursuit of the objectives set ICFON themselves. And our strategy works! To continue our projects, donations are needed. But you can help in more ways than just donating.

How can you help ICFON?

  • Organizing sponsor activities such as money raising activities in schools of your children, nephews, nieces and so on.
  • You can help ICFON as a volunteer to raise funds
  • Buy products from the store. The proceeds will go to our projects in Nepal
  • You can donate with your PayPal account using the donation button on this site
  • You can make a donation to our account or authorize ICFON to collect a donation periodically

Our account:

IBAN: NL57ABNA0491202490, ICFON, Delft