Agro Business Creation (ABC)

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Agro Business Creation (ABC) Project is partnerships project between CHESS Nepal and International Council of Friends of Nepal (ICFON) a Dutch NGO which is launched at Dhital VDC of Kaski district since April 2010. The project is an integrated livelihood pilot project aiming to enhance the livelihood standard of the poor and direct them for commercialization in vegetable and livestock farming for their income generation and to strengthen BTI for quality human resource production.

 Since the project inception period, the target group of people have increased the vegetable production through various technical trainings and advices.

CHESS Kaski, a non profit, non political and non religious social non government organization which is legally registered in the District Administration Office (DAO) in Kaski, started the project in April, 2010 under the auspices of ICFON.

The project aims to improve the awareness level of the people regarding the income generation of the beneficiaries and in the mean time the project also aims to support them for income generating activities based on agriculture and livestock especially vegetable and goat production. This project mainly focuses on women. One of the main reason for this is that as in most of the developing countries, in Nepal also, women are more back warded than men and another reason is that nowadays, there are very limited numbers of men in the villages as they are outside the country to earn money and the whole responsibility of the family is on the hand of women. But they haven’t yet got the economic right which is mainly due to the lack of opportunities to do any income based activities. For all these reason and to provide them their right, the project has specially focused the women. But once the women started to do entrepreneurship, men’s involvement is also needed for the marketing managing and coordinating with other related stakeholders.

The aim of the ABC project is to uplift the life standard of the community people through the agro and livestock business of the project area. The area selected for the project is geographically favorable for the livestock and agriculture business and for the marketing of the products too. So this area is been selected for the project to achieve its aim.

Socially and economically poor dalits, back warded farmers who are deceived from the opportunity of using the modern technology for the agriculture and livestock farming and the other  caste people who have shown the interest of supporting those back warded people to uplift their poor life standard are selected as the beneficiaries groups of the project.