Based on our experience since 1991 and knowledge in the field of development we choose to support projects initiated by Nepalese people that contribute to the development of skills and capabilities of individuals and communities. Changes are most effective when they are initiated by the people themselves. The people in Nepal know better than anyone else what is needed most and ICFON believes that a sustainable improvement of the living conditions can only be successful if supported by the local population itself. In addition, projects should be planned in such a way that after an agreed period the people no longer depend on financial aid. You probably know the story about the impact of development: you give someone a fish, then he has food for the day. Teach someone to fish he can eat his entire life. The latter is what ICFON Foundation pursues.

ICFON focuses on those groups who need help the most, such as women, ethnic groups, disabled people, people of low castes and untouchables. ICFON wants to give these people the opportunity to enjoy education or generate income to improve their living conditions.