Massive earthquake Nepal, update May 2nd

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Saturday, April 25 around 12:00 local time Nepal was hit by a massive earthquake on Richter scale 7.9, the worst earthquake in Nepal since 81 years. Much areas are heavily affected include capital Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Gorkha, Lamjung and Sindhupalchok.

Update May 2, 2015

The food transport by Chess Nepal/ICFON had just arrived in Sirandanda. Binod, our community mobilizer and agricultural expert from Chess is leading the transport. Now starting distribution of food and tents. Raj Kumar Pandey of Chess is discussing with local government about who will further support this area in the coming months.

Laxmi and Ganesh Shrestha have returned to Kathmandu after handing out emergency relief in Sindhupalchowk. Their truck, filled with over 5000 kg of food and other materials, financed by ICFON and the Shresthas has been to Tauthali VDC, Sunkoshi and now Bivas Neupane of ISARD is in Budepa to distribute the last part of the food. All houses are destroyed in the villages.

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Update April 29th, 2015

Meanwhile ICFON managed to maintain regular contacts with members of our local partners. ICFON has already transferred the first donations to Nepal, which is still a challenge because many banks are currently closed. Fortunately ICFON has a very good and extensive network in Nepal, not only in big cities but also in the more remote areas.

Aardbeving Nepal ICFON

Aardbeving Nepal ICFON

Gorkha and Sindhupalchowk are areas where ICFON has projects. Unfortunately, these areas are severely affected. Currently, tents, food and other basic necessities are bought (often in India) and put on transport to the affected areas, coordinated by the staff of our local partners. The rainy season is about to begin, so it’s important that people quickly get shelter. In Sindhupalchowk ICFON has build many high-quality greenhouses and goat sheds. Where these greenhouses and stables are still standing, people can now take shelter in it.

Update April 28th, 2015

During the European radiation oncology conference ESTRO in Barcelona, the participants have donated almost 1500 euro for the victims of the earthquake. ICFON president Wilko Verbakel is a medical physisicst in professional life and attended this meeting when the earthquake happened. He got permission by the ESTRO board to start a fundraising during the conference and many people donated generously.

ICFON staff had contact with one of the project coordinators Raj Kumar:

“I’ve got more information from Sirandanda. According to the information which I got, Sinjung VDC where Sirandanda lies, 34 people are died in that VDC. Among them Sirandanda, Lame and Taple 5 people are dead. Other alive people are homeless. There is no reliable management of lodging and folding of those survived people. The road to reach there is also damaged. With the help of local people and local government the road is opened for some times and again blocked by the landslide. I’m coordinating with the risk management committee of Gorkha district. They suggested us to help not only to sinrandanda but to the whole VDC of Simjung because to rescue only one village of the VDC may create conflict. Among 788 HHS of simjung VDC affected hhs need the help. Recently they need alternative shelter, food and medical treatment. Beside these things they also need dresses and counseling. They have called for the meeting and i’m moving to Gorkha within a few minute. Danu is coordinating the management of food, shelter and other things. For medical treatment, Chess’s ex staffs who are now in government officials in medical field are organizing for it. I’ll convey the message after the meeting with risk management committee. If possible i’ll talk to you in email. If email is not available i’ll talk to Danu on phone and she will contact with you.

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Update April 25th 2015

The earthquake has caused considerable damage in Kathmandu and surrounding. A number of historical monuments collapsed by the shock. Temples, an ancient tower of nine floors and parts of a former palace collapsed.

The latest figures show a death toll of almost 4.000 victims. It is expected that this number will rise to more than 7,500.

Because of the many aftershocks, often between 6 and 7 on the Richter scale, there is a lot of fear and people sleeping on the streets. People are afraid of disease outbreaks due to poor hygiene, lack of clean water, electricity and capacity for the wounded and the dead.

You understand that much help is needed now and in the coming years. We hope you want to help the people of Nepal in building their country.

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