Earthquake hits Nepal

Saturday, April 25 around 12:00 local time Nepal was hit by a massive earthquake on Richter scale 7.9, the worst earthquake in Nepal since 81 years. Much areas are heavily affected include capital Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Gorkha, Lamjung and Sindhupalchok.

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The distribution of the first relief goods has started! We can see how villages are destroyed, even the concrete buildings (farmers even don’t have concrete buildings). Food was distributed from ISARD office (still intact, fortunately, but also with cracks in the wall). Where possible, people live in their green houses.

Distribution relief goods earthquake Nepal ICFON 3

Uitdelen hulpgoederen ardbeving Nepal ICFON

Uitdelen hulpgoederen ardbeving Nepal ICFON

Namasté, friends of Nepal!

Nepal, the country well known for the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. The country that makes a lasting impression on every visitor thanks to its friendly people, its beautiful and diverse nature, and its cultural and religious heritage. But Nepal is also the poorest country in Asia and one of the poorest countries in the whole world. To change this situation, ICFON supports development projects in Nepal since 1991. ICFON is one of the oldest foundations in the Netherlands focused on Nepal. ICFON funds, monitors and has an advising role for projects conducted by Nepalese partner organizations. Development solutions should have a sustainable impact, therefore ICFON always works with local partners.

The people in Nepal themselves know better than Development projects Nepalanyone else what is needed most and ICFON believes that sustainable improvements of living conditions can only be reached when they are supported by the local population itself. In addition, projects should be planned is a way that after an agreed period the beneficiaries no longer depend on financial aid.

ICFON works together with Nepalese organizations to achieve these goals. The emphasis is on improving the economic position of the poorest people through training. Training is focused on the people’s means to improve there income, either in agriculture and livestock farming or in cottage industry. A very important step next to that is the construction of social structures that support the process of sustainable development; village groups and saving groups are established, people take basis literacy courses. Through improved agricultural and livestock businesses, families become capable in generating an income. This allows families to provide the most basic education and health care for the children. ICFON wants to avoid the practice that people, after the initial investments by organizations, are not able to send their children to school or allow them proper medical treatment due to poverty reasons. A basic level of prosperity is essential for all aspects of live.


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